MC75A HF RFID availability in EU


Hi all,  does someone know when (if) this  MC75A HF RFID wil be available and certified for Europe? There is no PMB or other official statement. Thank you

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Hello, The MC75A HF RFID will be available in EMEA, North America and APAC at the end of June 2011. There are 2 skus WW (in English):

Customer P/N


List Price

Discount Category


English Numeric

WAN-LAN-PAN,BB Imager,Camera,HF RFID , Numeric,WM6.5,1.5x battery-English


1A - Standard Discount


English Qwerty

WAN-LAN-PAN,BB Imager,Camera,HF RFID , QWERTY,WM6.5,1.5x battery-English


1A - Standard Discount

and one SKU for Japan:



WAN-LAN-PAN,BB Imager,Camera,HF RFID , Numeric,WM6.5,1.5x battery-Japanese


1A - Standard Discount

The first units for demonstration are Managed by the regional product managers. Another piece of good news! We now have a demo application. If you have an MC75AHF, and HF tags (Mifare, Calypso or plain ISO15693 tags) you can now read them with the demo app attached. Install the CAB file in the Program Files folder and execute it. You will get - an executable called MC75RFID - a sound File - a Folder called "CardData" When you Launch the program it will read Mifare or Calypso cards when you press on the trigger button. If you want to read 15693 tags, check the "Scan for ISO 15693 cards" box at the bottom left of the display. One final fun fact for the demos is that if you call a txt file with the serial number of the tag, like "ISO15693-B4167005500104E0.txt", where ISO15693-B4167005500104E0 is the serial number of the tag, the demo program will display the content of the txt file instead of the contents of the tag. Have fun, and good selling. Greg.

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Hi, Does anyone have NFC SDK for MC75A6-HF? I would like to write a demo program, but I can't find SDK. Thank you. Makoto Kubo