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    [LINKOS] Code samples for cross-platform tools?

    Chris Misztur

      Zebra:  it would be awesome if you were able to provide working example projects for iOS/Android/WP built from the following tool chains:


      - Unity (I will gladly provide you with a working Unity package )

      - Rho (I can attempt this one as well)

      - Xamarin

      - Phonegap

      - Appcelerator


      From a developer perspective your LinkOS SDK webpage is weak. 

      Showcase your SDK with direct links to "Get started with ... (unity/rho/xamarin/phonegap/appcelerator)"!



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          Robin West

          Hi Chris,

          This is great feedback.  Very timely too. 

          There is a code snippet on Launchpad to print from Xamarin here by Ignacio Machin (about halfway down the discussion posts).  We are currently working on updating our documentation and website as well, so these are good ideas.  If you have packages or code for printing with some of these tools, I encourage you or anyone else to post them here or provide a link to it on GitHub or someplace like that.  If you have a tool you’d prefer us to focus on next, after Rho, please reply to this as well. 


          If you are planning on attending the Motorola APPFORUM next week, I’ll be doing a breakout session where I’ll be showing how to use Rho to code printing activities.  I’ll be posting the package on Launchpad as well afterwards.

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            Robin West

            Hi Everyone,

            Our newest Link-OS SDK now has a Xamarin Component for Android, iOS, and Forms development.  Check it out.


            Will keep everyone informed as we add new cross platform API's.