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    Wake application

    Nicolas Etienne

      Once again, I ask my question...


      I've got an application which reacts on push made by server...


      After few minutes, the "lock" screen is displayed (it's a image in my situation).


      If I send a notification (like the push notification sample), the sound my app does play is well heard but the screen remains

      on the lock screen.. So I MUST press home button to see what has been displayed on the screen.


      Question : How a html file through asl.js or anything else can wake up the sb1 to act as if the user has pressed the home button ?



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          Nicolas Etienne

          Well thanks to Ben Kennedy...


          Here is a piece of code "to bring to front" your application when a notification is handheld by your application.


          When the notification arrives, you could do so to remove the lock screen and avoid user to user home button to "wake"

          up the display.


          1. asl.badge(null);



          'Manager Message',

          'My message',




          asl.badge(''/*URL to the badge screen*/);