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    MC40 Jelly Bean upgrade

    Benoit Gar

      Hi everyone,


      I have 3 MC40s, upgraded to Jelly Bean somewhere in the last year, using the upgrade package v01.06.0905. There's a new update for these devices (the v02.08.0520, this one : https://portal.motorolasolutions.com/Support/XU-EN/Resolution?solutionId=95551&productDetailGUID=d476e3883f840410VgnVCM1…), but I'm not able to download it, the download redirects me to a form saying I'll be contacted by a representative... I'd like to test the upgrade on one device before deploying it to the others and I don't need any handholding to do this.

      Am I looking in the right place, if not, does someone have any pointers?

      Best regards,


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          Daniel Silva

          The link appears to be correct.  This is "Restricted Software" which means that you must have a valid service agreement or the device must be under warranty for this download. 

          Services Agreement Benefits - Motorola Solutions USA


          Your Motorola Sales contact should be able to help you get a Service agreement if you need one.


          If you have a service agreement or you think your device is under warranty, support should be able to help you with the download.  You will need device serial numbers when you call.

          • Telephone
          • International callers outside US
            011 302.444.9700