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    MC65 Print Chinese Character to Mobile Printer

    mavis tang

      Hi All, I want to print chinese character to Mobile Printer from my program developed for mc65. Is it able to do so?


      I am using microsoft visual studio windows mobile development to develop my program.


      I stored the chinese description in sqlce database.


      Please advise.


      Thanks in advance ^_^

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          Robin West

          Hi Mavis, Which mobile printer are you using?  Most specialty mobile printers require some setup to print Chinese characters unless you specifically purchased a Chinese configuration.

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              mavis tang

              Hi, is a toshiba mobile printer (EP2DL/EP4DL). The printer can print chinese character, if i direct print from desktop application.


              I put the below syntax into my source code, whenever it hits this line, it will mention "not support";

              Dim codepage As Encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding("GB18030")


              PS: my development is developing under windows mobile development.


              Thanks alot.

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                  Robin West

                  Hi Mavis,

                  I'm not an expert in Toshiba printers, but I have a few recommendations.  First, is Encoding an object from the Toshiba SDK, or are you using an Encoding object from a Motorola SDK or a VB object?  The base VB and Motorola libraries will not recognize GB18030 as a valid encoding scheme as it is specifically a font code.

                  Second, GB18030 is only one codepage possible for character encoding.  There are many common ones and different printers often support different and multiple codepages.  If you can print those characters from a desktop application, you could try to go into the Toshiba driver printer properties and change the port to a file.  That way, when you print, you can save it as a file and open the file in a text editor to see how the driver is setting it up.  Now there is a chance that the driver is creating an image and printing that, rather than using character encoding.  In that case, I would recommend contacting Toshiba technical support or reading their programmers manual to figure out what codepages are supported.  Many printers also support custom codepages so you might  be able to create your own if the font codepage is not supported by your printer.

                  Hope this helps.

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                    Sean Kennedy

                    Hi Mavis.

                    Depending on the Support of the EP2DL/EP4DL printer, and the method you are using to communicate to the printer -- will guide you on configuring to print Asian Characters.


                    If you are doing development on Windows Mobile / Windows CE devices -- you will not have the same "Raster" printing support as you would on PC-based Windows software solutions.

                    This is more difficult to understand with Toshiba support since they prefer to get you the PC-based driver to work with, but you need to really implement this yourself.


                    You likely need to read the Toshiba TEC documentation to figure out how to enter "TPCL" command mode and change to Chinese (Simplified) font/print support.

                    The ASCII/UTF-8 code stream will then print the characters you seek to output the content for correct Chinese language representation.


                    Hard to find - Toshiba TEC documentation can be found here at Toshiba: http://www.toshibatec.it/backOfficePlus/manuali/BEP_Ifm_1st.pdf   Look at section 8.10.34 for relavent details.


                    I hope this helps.