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    P4T thermal ribbon detection

    Bob Walker

      We are using a P4T for both thermal printing and thermal transfer.


      Is there a way to detect that a thermal ribbon is inserted in the printer?


      We need to be able to insert or remove the ribbon depending on which type label we will be printing.




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          Robin West

          Hi Bob, With the P4T there are a few factors.  If you are printing in ZPL, you can detect if the ribbon is present as well as tell the printer if you expect a ribbon to be present on each label.  The actual command to get this "flag" is ~HS (ZPL II Manual page 168) and can be sent at any time to receive the status.  You can also set up an alert to tell you when the ribbon is out using the ^SX (p263) command.  You can set what you expect each label to use (ribbon or not) by adding a ^MT (p255) command to your label format.  If you are printing with CPCL, you can use the ESC(0x1b) ‘i’ (0x69) command (CPCL manual page 11-4) to get the ribbon status. There are no commands to set expectations for each label.


          How you send these depends on the programming environment you use.  Can I ask if you are using Rho (which version), Android, PC (C#, Java, etc.), iOS, etc?  Are you using the Zebra Link-OS Multiplatform SDK?

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              Bob Walker

              Thanks for the reply Robin.


              To start with we are not using Rho.  The printing capabilities of our application were provided by a 3rd party vendor and written in C# several years ago.


              The application has been running well but now we've decided (only after several years) to pilot the mobile printing capabilities


              One of our business concerns is using the thermal ribbon when other media has been inserted so I've been researching options on how to detect this.  From looking at the code it appears that we are using CPL and not ZPL for our labels.  This is fine, all I need to do is check the ribbon status whenever the user selects a label type.  I should be able to check at media selection and warn the user appropriately.