Cordova application keyboard input issue (KitKat vs. JellyBean)



Reaching out on behalf of a customer who is having issue with their hybrid application written in the Cordova platform.


The device they have been testing with has been a TC55 JellyBean and their app (attached + source) accepts scanner input without any issues.


However, upon testing their application any Zebra KitKat device, their app is not displaying the scan data.


Also, in JB, they don't have the keyboard pop up for the text field. However, in KK, it does so by default. The customer is requesting that the keyboard non pop up for the text field.


They're using the stock Profile0 Datawedge profile. They do not want (or may not be able to) leverage native Datawedge API calls. They essentially want to accept keyboard input.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Attached is a sample app to represent what they are trying to accomplish. Please reference the ASC_BarCodeScanner.js file in the source (/assets/www/) to reference the customer code.