Datawedge api release



I use Datawedge API to enable/Disable barcode scanner on MC2180 Windows device.

The component I use is DataWedgeAPIClass and I only use the Start, Stop, Enable and disable functions, no events...

Despite I use Dispose to release the object, I noticed that My EXE remains present in memory of the device and after tests i found this is due to Datawedhe API utilization..


Looking at the sample, i noticed upon closing the exe, the following code is executed




                DWCtrl.OnStart -= eventStart;

                DWCtrl.OnStop -= eventStop;

                DWCtrl.OnData -= eventData;


Even if i do not use the events in my project, do i have to release the Events ?


Any suggestions, comments will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.