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    How to  connect RS507 and MC2180 via bluetooth?

    Ovidiu Balaceanu

      Hi, I need to connect RS507 with MC2180 via Bluetooth. Seems that for this model ( MC2180) there are no this kind of connection. I tried different ways ( HID, SSI )  but no results at the end .For me it's useful to have an SSI ( serial) connection .

      Do you have any idea or suggestion about ?
      Thank you


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          Guillaume Ferat



          I have the same issue.

          Have you found a solution ?


          Thank you,


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            Ian Hatton

            There is a way to pair the RS507 with the MC2100 series using Bluetooth SPP profile (which can be configured via a config barcode on the 507). This works as follows:


            a) Select SPP mode on the RS507 via the config barcode in the PRG

            b) Pair the RS507 to the MC2100 using the Bluetooth control panel applet. After pairing , double click on the device name and select Trusted and then Active

            c) Run the attached BTVirtualCOM.exe utility , select the RS507 and configure a comm port e.g. COM4

            d) Run the attached RS507spp.exe demo and select the configured comm port from the menu dropdown list. Select open port and scan a barcode on the 507 - barcode data should appear on screen. If the 507 goes out of range and stops working, press the reconnect button to re-establish the comm link.


                This method should work with any application which opens the assigned comm port to listen for incoming data. Unfortunately Datawedge serial port Input is limited to predefined ports only ( COM6 in the case of the MC2100 series) so there is no obvious way to allow Datawedge to accept incoming scanner data from other comm ports such as COM4 or COM5.