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    Datawedge time introduction

    Elie Bejou

      Hi Everyone,


      I would like to know if it exists a functionnality i'm looking for with Datawedge 3.x


      My need isto introduce a programmable time after a decode has been made by Datawedge and sent...

      I need this function because the performance of decoding and sending barcode is too high and then the mobile computer bufferise the scanned data which is something i don't want.


      In the other hand, tried to disable and re enable the scan trigger using the API but this operation tooks too much time.


      So please let me know if there is a functionnality allowing to introduce a programmable time after a decode during which the trigger is disable and no scan can be made.


      Thanks in advance for your attention and your help.



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          Elie Bejou



          Ok! NoBody answered so i beleive there is no solution for this.


          I download the latest Datawedge API and there is a function there allowing to switch from one profile to another one:

          private DataWedgeLib.DataWedgeAPIClass DWCtrl = new DataWedgeLib.DataWedgeAPIClass();

          But this function does not appear in the tlb  library file!

          Any comment would be very much appreciated.