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    Daniele Martignago

      Good morning,

      I would like to begin to develop an Android application that allows me to print labels on Zebra printers.

      I have access to a printer RW420 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

      My questions are: Can I develop Android applications to print with the RW420?

      Can I print codes ean 128 programmatically?

      Can I connect via bluetooth the RW420 with these tablets?

      I tried to connect via bluetooth to my tablets, but after entering the key displays the following message: "Unable to communicate with ...".

      I also tried using the apps Print Station and Zebra Utilities, but not allow me to connect to.

      Thank you.

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          Robin West

          Good Morning,

          The answer to all your questions is yes, if you have everything set up right.  First, and I hate to ask, can you verify Bluetooth is turned on on your Galaxy Tab and Note?   Next I would check is if your RW420 printer has a Bluetooth radio.  Not all of them come with it.  Can you reply with the P/N number on the underside of the printer or printing a 2-Key report by holding the feed button for 5 seconds while powering the printer on. The number should start with "R4D-...". These should tell me which radio is on your printer. 

          Can you try pairing from the Android Settings?  Then use the Zebra utilities app to find it again and print.  If this doesn't work, there are a few things to try. Please let me know.


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              Daniele Martignago

              First of all I wanted to thank you for the answer, and to apologize for my bad English.

              Yes the bluetooth on tablet is activated ;-)

              The part number of the printer is: R4D-0UBA000E-00.

              I have connected this printer successfully on two Windows Mobile devices (6.5.3 and Windows Mobile 5).

              The difference I found with the windows mobile devices is that when asked the pairing, I press the next button without typing the key (picture 1), and then is the printer that requires pairing (picture 2).

              Then I insert the key and the printer is connected.

              When I try to make pairing from Android Settings I find the printer through available devices, then I select it, it ask me the key, I insert (0000) and after a few seconds it shows me this message "unable to communicate with XXRCJ .... "


              So the printer is not paired,

              If I use the Zebra utilities app, i find the printer, I select it, but when I try to print something the tablet ask me to pair the device...

              Thank you for your help.



              windows mobile.bmp