imz320 Zebra Designer printing problem


We have an issue regarding printing and we were wondering wither you would be able to assist for a solution.


Firstly, I am using Zebra Designer to create a ZPL II file.


Secondly, I’m creating the ZPL file using the “print to file” command.




The main issue is that when the file is sent  to imz320 using  Zebra Setup Utilities with no issues whatsoever,


however when the file is sent via C# no printing occurs.




We are using Bluetooth connection in order to communicate with the zebra mobile printer.




Here is a small example of my source code:




ZebraSerialPort port = new ZebraSerialPort("COM4", 115200, 8, Parity.None, StopBits.One, Handshake.None, -1, -1);






                    FileStream fs = new FileStream(@"My Documents\zpl1.prn", FileMode.Open);






int nLength = Convert.ToInt32(fs.Length);


BinaryReader br = new BinaryReader(fs);


Byte[] bytes = new Byte[fs.Length];


bytes = br.ReadBytes(nLength);






port.Write(bytes, 0, nLength);