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    Combine CTRL+F

    Miroslav Havlicek

      I am trying to program Motorola DS4208 scanner using 123Scan2 and I would like to emulate a keyboard shortcut, in this case CTRL+F, which I am unable to find.


      My scenario
      I have a huge pile of barcoded documents and a long Excel sheet containing those barcode numbers . I would like to use my scanner to find a code in the Excel file (hence the CTRL+F) and highlight it green. This, so I can find out, if there are any documents missing in the pile.


      Is there a way to emulate keystroke combinations like CTRL+F (and hopefully others) in 123Scan2?

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          Andrew Pengelly

          Hi Miroslav, you can use the Modify Data rules to add characters to your barcode string.  Within the Modify data area select Program complex data modifications and select option Prefix/Suffix rules.  Ensure <PREFIX><DATA> is selected unless you also want append an ENTER key at the end in which case choose <PREFIX><DATA><SUFFIX>.


          At the PREFIX prompt click on the CODE LIST option, ASCII CHARACTERS and scroll down to choose CTRL F/ACKNOWLEDGE and click INSERT.  Finish editing your rule and load to scanner.


          All done HOWEVER the rule does not appear to work while 123Scan is still open, so close 123Scan and move to Excel to test.


          Sorry I cannot make the cell turn green.


          As an alternative option you can simply use the CONDITIONAL FORMATTING option in Excel.  I'd suggest scanning your data into the same column as your existing data (ie. adding duplicate entries), and use the FORMAT ONLY UNIQUE OR DUPLICATE VALUES option to change the cell colour.

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              Miroslav Havlicek

              Hi Andrew,
              thanks for your help. I tried including the CTRL F/ACKNOWLEDGE string before and I tried it once again now and it didn't work. I don't think this command is supposed to work as an actual CTRL+F combination.


              I also tried using the ADF guide suggested by Michal, but my scanner didn't recognize the "Send custom key" barcode. So I guess I need to find some other way to do what I need.


              FYI, you were right. There is probably no easy way to turn the cells in Excel green, but I've found a way to make it the other way around: Turn all the cells with data green (or some other color) manually and then let the scanner remove the fill by the following sequence: f10 -> H -> H -> N.