FX9500 SSH login and commands



I'm trying to access a number of FX9500 readers through ssh to gather information about them.  I'm able to login with the user 'cliuser' and no password but any command that I try and execute I get this message:




Is there an account I can to that will have permission to the those commands?


Also, I tried using the Command Line feature that is available through the web interface and had some different issues.  If I use the info commands (info.model, info.time, etc) I can get those to execute.  A majority of the other commands I have tried I get this message:




Is there a particular reason for that?


Thank you in advance.

Alan Christensen
I figured out that the

I figured out that the 'cliuser' can be used to initiate ssh but defaults to a restricted shell. Using the reader.login(username, password) command will grant you access.

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