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    stagenow error

      I try to install a apk file from PC server.  Error LOG as follow.

      please help ,tell me ,what's wrong ?


      stagenow  client

      MC40N0  MX5.0


      2016-06-14 11:33:56 --- Starting StageNow Client App ---

      2016-06-14 11:34:00 Start of Barcode Staging

      2016-06-14 11:34:42 Barcode Staging Failed. Error: Charactristics/Param errors found in invoked CSPs. Details: FileMgr-Query Error, FMC Couldn't connect to server = and port = 21 , check wifi connection.FMC downloadFTPFile Connection is not open, Batch-Could not decode profile data, /data/tmp/apk_Deploy.bin: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory), FileMgr-Query Error, FMC File doesn't exist, delete cancelled.

      2016-06-14 11:34:42 End of Barcode Staging