[MC 40] Android 4.1.1 upgrade to 4.4.4

Hello guys,


Could you please suggest solution for updating Android OS.


I have read in Integrator Guide following info:


"Customers who purchased a Service Agreement option for the MC40 Jelly Bean version, are entitled to a one-time,

operating system upgrade via the Zebra Customer Support web site: http://www.zebra.com/support. Customers must

enter the serial number for each device to be upgraded. Zebra will then provide a secure web site link for the

downloading the software. Customers can then install the upgrade using their own Mobile Device Management

(MDM) client and or service center"


But there is no input fields for serial number on http://www.zebra.com/support


Thank you in advance.

Peter Arcuri
You will have to open a help

You will have to open a help desk ticket. Once on that support site select the appropriate option:


Support Portal

Submit Technical Issues

Phone: (800) 653-5350 - US
             011 (302) 444-9700 - Outside US

For Support outside North America, select your country under CONTACT SUPPORT.

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