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Hi guys,

Customer needs an 'app' or program residing on the printer itself (vs connected to a PC) to print current date, calculate, and print future date (product expiry date).

Currently has T220 printer but can buy another printer if needed.

What development options do I have? From what I read it seems my only option is Zebra Basic Interpreter (ZBI)?

The programming guide also doesn't list the TT20 as compatible with ZBI but that may be an omission? Can anyone say for sure?

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Hi Ben, ZBI is the only

Hi Ben, ZBI is the only option to have an app reside actually on the printer.  Can you clarify the printer model?  Zebra does not have a printer model T220 or TT20.  We do have ZT220, and TTP2000 printers with several variations.  It makes a difference in what options are available.  There are other options to have apps reside elsewhere but have the printer act as a gateway to data depending on the printer model.


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