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    Migrating ZM400 to ZT410 script printing

    Kandarp Bhatt

      Dear all


      We are migrating from ZM400 to ZT410 through Script printing developed in ZPLII language the issue is Script which is printing Ok in ZM400 not working properly in ZT410 labels gets cut either from top or from bottom we need to adjust label top to some value or other to get is work since most of the printers are hooked with SAP need to change script is very difficult. The difference we get is calculating the Label length if we compare Configuration of printer setup Please help if any one has come across this. Configuration  has been attached for ready reference. This has been observed at many location where we print through script and hence the same is put as post.

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          Robin West

          Hi Kandarp,

          This is more of a tech support question, but I may be able to help.

          I want to understand the problem better. Let me know if I have this right.   You have an SAP system that is sending labels to the ZT410.  The labels are getting cut off on the top or bottom when they are printing.  You can't change the data in the formats easily. 


          Have you tried calibrating the labels?  From the front panel menu: TOOLS -> Media/Ribbon Cal

          It will feed out a couple of labels to set the true label length of the labels.  That should at least make it consistent. 



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            Kandarp Bhatt

            Hi Robin

            We have upgraded firmware to latest Firmware and check the Label length but it is different then ZM400

            This is happening at most of places where we Install the printers, so we have escalated here in India to Mr. Manoj Kumar - Presale we have sent consumable rolls to him for Verification of issue, Printing is happening via Script through customized software.