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    How to contact moderator(s)?

    Ben Lam

      Hi, my post made on July 7 to the printers forum was rejected by moderators as I was informed this morning (July 11) via email.


      No reason was  given or info given on how to contact moderators.


      When I replied to rejection email notification it said email could not be delivered.


      How do I contact moderators so I can fix the post so it can show in the forum?


      Customer is waiting for our response as to what hardware to buy.




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          Robin West

          Hi Ben,

          I know you asked this a while ago, but I wanted to reply anyway.  As moderators, we don't usually reject anything from Lanchpad.  A few months ago though, there was a "update" to the system that broke some of the moderator functionality and it was letting some posts get rejected without informing the moderation team.  It was only for a few days, but unfortunately you got caught in it.  The answer is usually the main Zebra people responding on each page are also the moderators.  Each page may have different moderators.  I'll take it up as an improvement request to be able to show who made the rejection in the rejection email.   If you run into this again, please review your post (to make sure we didn't have a good reason to reject) and re-post.