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    SignalIndicators not working in 5.0.38

    Lisa Tassone

      Hi there,


      I currently have an app running Rhodes 5.0.38 and would like to implement the functionality that is offered in the SignalIndicators module yet I can't seem to get either the Ruby or Javascript version working. Upgrading Rhodes isn't an option at the moment, so I am after someone who can help with this version specifically as I can see structure of the extensions have change din later versions.


      This is my code and errors I get when trying to use the module:


      build.yml (extract)

      app_type: "rhoelements"


        - json

        - uri

        - indicators


        - gps

        - camera

        - signature

        - push

        - vibrate


      RUBY - application_helper.rb (extract)

        def check_connection

          wlan_status = Rho::SignalIndicators.wlanStatus

          signal_strength = wlan_status["signalStrength"] # returns a value between 0 and 100

          puts "signal_strength #{signal_strength}"

          if signal_strength > 30

              # The network should be reliable enough for data transfer. We can trigger synchronization or download large files

              return true


              # We may encounter some connectivity issues. It may not be a good time to start a large download now

              return false





      const_missing: SignalIndicators

      I 07/14/2016 16:12:21:646 00004c84                  APP| App error: uninitialized constant Rho::SignalIndicators

      C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite5.0.38/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rhodes-5.0.38/lib/framework/rho/rho.rb:1236:in `const_missing'


      JAVASCRIPT - layout.erb (extract - called on dom ready)


            function signal_status_sync(){

          signalValue = Rho.SignalIndicators.wlanStatus;


          console.log("Signal Strength is: " + signalValue['signalStrength']);




      Console Output:

      function () {

                  return apiReq({

                      instanceId: ('function' == typeof idFunc) ? idFunc.apply(this, []) : NOT_INSTANCE_ID,

                      args: arguments,

                      method: nativeName,

                      persistentCallbackIndex: persistentCallbackIndex,

                      valueCallbackIndex: valueCallbackIndex


              } login:116

      Signal Strength is: undefined


      Any help would be greatly appreciated