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    cookies.db with EB 1.4 and TC8000

    Gord Davey

      Hi All,


      In my Config.XML for EB 1.4, there is a specification for a persistent cookies database, which defaults to file://%INSTALLDIR%/cookies.db.


      However, installed EB new does not create this db file, and I can find no specifications at all on what the contents of the db needs to be for me to create the file and then upload it.


      Can someone supply an empty cookies.db? It not in the windows installer package for the EB which contains things like the Configuration Editor.


      Thanks very much



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          Sabir Valappil Thattath

          NetworkCookieDatabase is used for providing the filename of persistent cookie database. If present, this is loaded on EB startup, and saved on shutdown. The file may be read- only, in which case it is not overwritten on shutdown. No error is generated if the file does not exist, or cannot be read.


          Also please note that this tag is only applicable for WM/CE platform on webkit engines. This tag is not applicable for Android platform or IE engines.


          We will update the document. We will remove the statement " If the specified file does not exist, one will be created" from the document. user needs to create this file if he is willing to store cookies info


          To create a cookies database for wm/ce devices, do the following

          create a text file and rename it to cookies.db

          place this file under installed directory where EnterpriseBrowser.exe is present (one can change db file location by updating the path in config.xml element NetworkCookieDatabase )

          Then launch EB


          For android devices webview handles cookies internally and it is designed to accept cookies by default. 

          The tag NetworkCookieDatabase is not applicable for Android devices.

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