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    Datawedge and StageNow, TC55 GMS

    Alexandru Caranica



      I have a TC55 with GMS OS, build 02-65-00-KG-F0-MV.

      When I put a datawedge.db config in /enterprise/usr via StageNow, the Datawedge app is not importing the config.

      It worked on the original os, non-gms, with the StageNow profile. Staging is succesful, just the file is not parsed, I can still see it in the /enterprise/usr folder.


      How can I diagnose this?


      Thank you!

        • Re: Datawedge and StageNow, TC55 GMS
          Alexandru Caranica

          Ok, so the correct path is <parm name="TargetPathAndFileName" value="/enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport/datawedge.db" />

          If I push it via adb, it works.

          But via a StageNow profile somehow it does not work.


          Here is part of the StageNow XML:

            <characteristic version="0.6" type="FileMgr">

              <parm name="FileAction" value="1" />

              <characteristic type="file-details">

                <parm name="TargetAccessMethod" value="2" />

                <parm name="TargetPathAndFileName" value="/enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport/datawedge.db" />

                <parm name="SourceAccessMethod" value="1" />

                <parm name="SourceURI" value="ftp-p://user:pass@" />



          I have an internal FTP, I check the logs, the file is downloaded in the staging part.