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    Datawedge and StageNow, TC55 GMS

    Alexandru Caranica



      I have a TC55 with GMS OS, build 02-65-00-KG-F0-MV.

      When I put a datawedge.db config in /enterprise/usr via StageNow, the Datawedge app is not importing the config.

      It worked on the original os, non-gms, with the StageNow profile. Staging is succesful, just the file is not parsed, I can still see it in the /enterprise/usr folder.


      How can I diagnose this?


      Thank you!

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          Alexandru Caranica

          Ok, so the correct path is <parm name="TargetPathAndFileName" value="/enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport/datawedge.db" />

          If I push it via adb, it works.

          But via a StageNow profile somehow it does not work.


          Here is part of the StageNow XML:

            <characteristic version="0.6" type="FileMgr">

              <parm name="FileAction" value="1" />

              <characteristic type="file-details">

                <parm name="TargetAccessMethod" value="2" />

                <parm name="TargetPathAndFileName" value="/enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport/datawedge.db" />

                <parm name="SourceAccessMethod" value="1" />

                <parm name="SourceURI" value="ftp-p://user:pass@" />



          I have an internal FTP, I check the logs, the file is downloaded in the staging part.

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              Murali K

              Hi Alex,

                   I think the issue is something to do with the naming convention of the file being imported by datawedge application.

              Datawedge application expects the db file in the below naming format to import it successfully.




              <profilename> to be replaced with actual profile name inside the db file.


              For eg: Lets say StageNow application want to access datawedge with its own db file profile which has profile name as SN.  Then the datawedge profile file name to be imported should be in the following format



              I hope this should resolve your issue.



              Murali K

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                Pietro Francesco Maggi

                Hi Alexandru,

                do you see the file on the device when you send it through Stagenow?

                it could be an issue linked to the file permissions; if Datawedge (and all other applications) cannot read the file, DW cannot import the file.


                Take a look at TC55 Integrator Guide for a complete explanation on how to autoimport profiles in DataWedge:

                TC55 Touch Computer Support & Downloads | Zebra



                Auto Import

                DataWedge supports remote deployment of a configuration to a device, using tools such as MSP. DataWedge

                monitors the /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport folder for the DataWedge

                configuration file (datawedge.db) or a profile file (dwprofile_x.db). When DataWedge launches it checks

                the folder. If a configuration or profile file is found, it imports the file to replace any existing configuration or profile.

                Once the file has been imported it is deleted from the folder.