Debugging Enterprise Browser 1.4 on TC8000 with Chrome

Hi all,

I need to debug some Javascript. I have a TC8000 with Enterprise Browser 1.4.

I've enabled developer mode,

I've connected the TC8000 with USB

The USB drivers are installed.

I open Chrome -> Developer Tools, and inspect the devices, and it does see my TC8000.

On the TC8000 the browser has been started (I've even enabled the Debug buttons in my Config.xml) and it is sitting on the page I need to debug.


Chrome, shows


Devices               TC8000 #2342344144 (serial #)

                                   No browsers detected.


(green circle)Connected





That's it. It does not seem to detect the Enterprise Browser. Even though it is running (yes I clicked on the auth for the computer dialog before running the enterprise browser)

Is there a debug edition of the browser?

Do I need to do something further, I've never tried a debugging session like this before.


Thank You