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    Printers and databases

    Robert Furst

      Hello, me and my son are trying to integrate a RFID system into my companies production warehouse. We have a Zebra R110-XI4 zebra printer and an Alien reader. Our plan is to print off labels for different types of boxes and take the EPC of that label's RFID chip and store it in the database along with what type of box it is being applied to.  Currently we are having an issue with trying to figure out how to print on the label and take the EPC and store it in the database along with what type of box the label will be on. Things that we need to know are:


      Will SGD commands be useful to us for any of this? If so, which commands?


      Should we be using ZPL?


      Is what we are trying to do possible for two people who have no experience with RFID?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Ritesh Gupta



          You will need to create an application which can read the data from the tag using the Alien reader.  The application also encode the tag data and store in the database.  I would suggest ZPL.  Look at this document: https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra/manuals/en-us/printer/rfid-pm-en.pdf


          RWest any other suggestions?



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              Robert Furst

              Hello Ritesh,


              Thank you for the quick reply.


              Our Current program. We currently print non RFID labels with a Zebra 105SL by sending a print job directly to the printer without using ZPL commands.


              New program needed. As each Gen2 RFID label is printed (from Zebra R110Xi4 printer) we need to save the EPC memory of each RFID tag into our database. So we can connect the RFID tag to what production job was actually printed on the label.  Each RFID tag/label already has a unique ID assigned to the tag by the manufacture. Is this new program possible thru ZPL or SGD commands.  It looks like there is a SGD command RFID.TAG.DATA that might to what we need but not sure.


              Thank you for your time.


              Bob Furst