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    Wavelink emulation scanning issue

    Javier Hernandez

      I have a MC90XX unit using Wavelink Avalanche VT100 emulation. My application receives data from keypad and scanning. We activate and deactivate the scanner using escape sequence and it is working great.

      Data from scanner is received like the input from the keypad. However we now need to differentiate the data from the keypad and the data from the scanner.

      I cannot simply disable keypad when suppose to read data from the scanner because the user may change opinion and now he want to access any other feature of the device and need some keypad feedback.

      Is there any way for a VT100 emulation application to receive data from the scanner different than the data from the barcode scanner?


      I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this or not.



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          Daniel Silva

          Not sure if this is what you're looking for,  but in your Wavelink emulation configuration you could add a scan identifier to the scanned data so that the back end app can tell that the data was from the scanner.  It looks like if you turn that on,  the default scan identifier is an escape character,  but you can change it.  So if you have control of the back end code and you don't want to accept keyboard data in a field you could probably reject anything that doesn't start with an escape character.