WIndows 10 & Bluetooth

I am looking to develop a small application that will eventually run as an U.W.P. App. on a Win10 mobile computer talking to one of the Bluetooth Mobile Zebra printers (exact model T.B.D.).


I am currently developing in MSVS 2015 and have a test application printing to a bluetooth printer using standard device hooks in the windows (print/device) driver. My test printer in a Zebra IMZ220 BT. This works fine, however......


In the past I have created my own USB handler (for windows applications) to enable me to send and receive S.G.D. commands to Zebra printers. I like the extended (and protocol independent) range of information I can send and receive using this method.


I would like to be able to achieve the same using the Bluetooth protocol.


I am not really very familiar with Bluetooth and was wondering if there are any "rules" I should follow or even better if there are any tools you have or can suggest to do this, bearing in mind I am not developing for Android?


Currently I am investigating using the 2 coms ports that Bluetooth "seems" to use to see if I can receive the results of SGD commands sent to the printer.


Is this this correct way to progress or should I be looking to achieve this in a different way?


Any help /  pointers would be appreciate.