Programmatically not able to create profile with WPA2 Security for MC9190

Currently Have two devices MC9190 and MC92N and able to create profile with  WPA 2 Security and TKIP Encryption for MC92N but not for MC9190.

Not sure why am I not able to create a profile using the same codeline for MC9190.

Interesting fact is profile with WEP Security works fine for both MC92N and MC9190



_truckInfraProfileData = new InfrastructureProfileData(WagonProfile + ssid, ssid);

//_truckInfraProfileData.CountryCode = "USA";

_truckInfraProfileData.CountryCode = "";

_truckInfraProfileData.Authentication.AuthenticationType = Authentication.AuthenticationTypes.NONE;

_truckInfraProfileData.SecurityType = WLANSecurityType.SECURITY_WPA2_PERSONAL;

_truckInfraProfileData.Encryption.AllowMixedMode = Symbol.Fusion.WLAN.Encryption.ALLOW_MIXED_MODE.ALLOW_MIXED_MODE_ON;

_truckInfraProfileData.Encryption.EncryptionType = Symbol.Fusion.WLAN.Encryption.EncryptionTypes.TKIP_PASSPH;

_truckInfraProfileData.Encryption.PassPhrase = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";

_truckInfraProfileData.IPSettings.AddressingMode = IPSettings.AddressingModes.STATIC;

_truckInfraProfileData.IPSettings.IPAddress = hostIP;

_truckInfraProfileData.IPSettings.SubnetMask = subnetMask;

_truckInfraProfileData.SSID = ssid;

_truckInfraProfileData.TransmissionPower = InfrastructureProfileData.TransmitPowerLevel.BSS_AUTO;

if (batteryUsage == "CAM")

_truckInfraProfileData.PowerMode = PowerMode.CAM;

else if (batteryUsage == "Fast Power Save")

_truckInfraProfileData.PowerMode = PowerMode.FAST_POWER_SAVE;

else if (batteryUsage == "Max Power Save")

_truckInfraProfileData.PowerMode = PowerMode.MAX_POWER_SAVE;

_truckProfile = _thisWLAN.Profiles.CreateInfrastructureProfile(_truckInfraProfileData); // works fine with MC92N but not with MC9190


Symbol.Fusion.FusionResults result = _truckProfile.Connect(true);


What version of dll i am using is Symbol.Fusion.dll version 2.8.


Not sure if i have to change any settings or make changes to registry or corrections to my code to support creation of profile on MC9190. Please assist .