Not allowed to load local resource and signal-metatag



I'm using the Enterprise Browser 1.4 on a WM 6.5 device. And I've got two problems:

1.  I encounter following message in the logfile:


     I 08/02/2016 15:56:57:000 4cac5a96 RhoWKBrowserEngine.cpp: 693| JS Log: , line 0: Not allowed to load local resource: file://PATH/some.JS


     file://PATH/some.JS is a placeholder for a real file.  How can I make the EB "allow" to load local resources or is this not possible.


2.   I try to get a signal-symbol in the EB but the metatag in the config.xml

     <MetaTag value="Signal~left:10;top:10;"/>

     isn't working


Thanks for your help