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    Remapping onscreen keys

    Moritz Heindl



      I'm using Enterprise Browser v. 1.4 on a TC8000 and I'm trying to remap keys from the onscreen keyboard to other values. Neither the tutorial for the KeyCapture API nor the KeycodeMapping Guide worked for me. The problem seems to be that the keycodes don't get captured from the browser and is only detecting for example the back-button in the Android navigation bar.

      In the end I want to map the "Next"-button in the Android-Numpad to "Enter".


      Thanks in advance


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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Moritz,

          you can use the following web page in EB to see if you can collect any keycode from the onscreen keyboard:


          <!DOCTYPE html>
          <html lan="en">
          <META HTTP-Equiv="KeyCapture" Content="KeyValue:All; Dispatch:False; KeyEvent:url('JavaScript:alert('Key Pressed: %s');')">
              <meta charset="utf-8">
            <title>Display KeyCode</title>
              <H1>Press a key to see it's KeyCode</H1>



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              Moritz Heindl

              Hi Pietro,


              I've tried this already and I don't get any feedback for the OnScreen Keys. I can see the KeyCode only for the Back Button and the Menu Button.



              It seems to be a kind of bug on the Android Version of EB 1.4 since I tried the same procedure on a WM 6.5 device and it worked (captured the onscreen keys). Is there still a chance to capture the keys of the onscreen keyboard ?

              Thanks in advance