Enterprise Browser crashes in CE7



We have several of the following:


Model: VC70N0

OS: Windows CE7

OEM Version: 05.57.0003

Enterprise Browser: 1.4 (using the WebKit engine)

Scanner: DS3508-ER20005R connected to COM1 via CBA-R49-C09ZAR cable


We're seeing a couple of different issues with these while using Enterprise Browser:

1) Enterprise Browser crashes with a "Send Report - EnterpriseBrowser.exe encountered a problem" dialog.

2) What appears to be a gradual memory leak that ultimately causes a "Program Memory is Critically Low" message.


To investigate these issues, I've enabled logging in Config.xml on two of the units as follows:


<LogProtocol value="FILE"/>

<LogPort value="80"/>

<LogURI value="file:///Application/EBLog.txt"/>

<LogError value="1"/>

<LogWarning value="1"/>

<LogInfo value="1"/>

<LogTrace value="1"/>

<LogUser value="1"/>

<LogMemory value="1"/>

<LogMemPeriod value="5000"/>

<LogMaxSize value="100000"/>



I've also recovered a kdmp file from \Windows\DumpFiles\ for a crash that occurred before I enabled the logging on one of the units. However, no other crash has generated a kdmp file that I can find.


Firstly, any hints for how to proceed with investigating each of the issues would be appreciated. In particular, it would be useful to know how to capture any dump files that are generated by the crashes.


Secondly, my findings so far are:

a) The kdmp file showed an exception 0x80000002 (Datatype misalignment) occurred at 0x4535b710 in EnterpriseBrowser.exe.

b) The logs suggest the cause of two other crashes may have been caused by PowerManagement.cpp receiving a PBT_TRANSITION message of an unusual length (34 bytes instead of 18 or 38 bytes).

c) The logs suggest the cause of another crash may have had something to do with setting scanner properties following a page navigation (the crash occurred while the properties were being set, and at least some threads kept running in EnterpriseBrowser following the appearance of the "Send Report" dialog continuously logging the message "Attempted to Enable the Scanner but it is already enabled" (and other associated messages) every few milliseconds until the dialog was dismissed.

d) The logs show that free physical memory gradually reduces while the computer is left unattended on a login screen (in Enterprise Browser).


I think the crashes and the memory leak are two separate issues. I'm reviewing whether anything in our web application could be triggering the leak. However, nothing we're doing in the web application should cause EnterpriseBrowser.exe to crash, and the crashes are no associated with low memory.


I can send the logs and kdmp files (via email, preferrably). Your help would be appreciated.