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    Error when using stub for unit testing

    Lisa Tassone

      Hi there,


      I'm in the process of creating unit tests and have got it up and running according to the rhodes documentation (which is rather sparse). I've got some tests working and am now onto a few more complicated tests and am trying to stub a module method. When I do the only error I get is Not implemented: only eval of block is supported. After searching the Rhodes source files it's something to do with its implementation of eval. I've tried removing the error exception in the source code and rebuilding (using rhosimulator as I have for my other tests) and I still get the error, so obviously it is ignoring my changes. I've tried cleaning the project etc but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I'm also checked to see how Rhodes do their own testing and they seem to be using stub in the same way.


      This is the code:


      require "./helpers/full_sync"

      class Dummy

        include FullSync




      describe "FullSync" do


        before :each do

        @Dummy = Dummy.new




        describe ".perform_full_sync" do

             context "No data to upload" do

                  it "should set Rho::RhoConfig.syncStatus to #{SYNC_STATUS_REQUESTING_DATA}" do



                        etc etc






      What am I doing wrong?