Kit Kat Android message "xxxxx Not in Range" where xxxxx is the Wifi Network Name

Has anyone else seen an occurrences of unexpected "network Not In Range".  We have a TC70 GMS android Kit Kit installation running in mulitple large format stores with very good wifi coverage.  We have seen incidents where the device is reporting that the Wifi network it is configured for is not in range, but the wifi is good.  We have many other TC70 devices connected to same network in same area.


Our initial thought is possibly some google GMS checks for captive web portal upon network change and if the check fails the device may blacklist that SSID.  In most cases a reboot fixes it, but not in all of our cases so far.


A few more data points.

1. has to be a SSID with multiple AP's

2. the network was an EAP/TLS security

3. If you turn wifi off and back on, after 10 seconds you will see a notification saying you may need to sign into the network.


Example  see 101 Not in Range at bottom of screen