Printing tickets Zebra series GC

Hi everyone!


When I execute this code








^FB620,1,0,L^FO10,125^A0N,40,40^FDCant. - Producto - Mezclador^FS


^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,200^A0N,35,35^FD1-Shot /Cocktail ABC^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,280^A0N,35,35^FD1-180 GRS PIZZA PEPERONI^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,360^A0N,35,35^FD1-180 GRS PIZZA MARGARITA^FS




^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,0^A0N,35,35^FD1-180 GRS PIZZA TRES QUESOS^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,80^A0N,35,35^FD2-355 ML REFRESCOS^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,160^A0N,35,35^FD1-680 - 750 ML VODKA ABSOLUT AZUL^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,240^A0N,35,35^FD1-680 - 750 ML VODKA ABSOLUT CITRON^FS




^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,0^A0N,35,35^FD1-Copa VODKA ABSOLUT ELYX^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,80^A0N,35,35^FD1-Copa VODKA ABSOLUT MANDARIN^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,160^A0N,35,35^FD1-Copa VODKA ABSOLUT PEARS^FS

^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,240^A0N,35,35^FD1-680 - 750 ML TEQUILA CUERVO 18...^FS




^FB620,2,0,L^FO10,0^A0N,35,35^FD1-680 - 750 ML TEQUILA CUERVO 18...^FS

^FB620,1,0,C^FO10,80^A0N,30,30^FDCuenta 3160506^FS

^FB620,1,0,C^FO10,120^A0N,30,30^FDMesero: mikelsson sidgursson; Barra 5^FS

^FB620,1,0,C^FO10,160^A0N,30,30^FD15/08/2016 01:14^FS^PQ1,0,1,Y



I have an issue related to the ticket's ouput because the first block of text is printing ok but the next block starts at the beginning with a lot of blank spaces instead of it appears inmmediatly below of the last one, how can solve this problem.


thanks for your attention

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Alejandro,I'm not sure I

Hi Alejandro,

I'm not sure I understand the question.  Can you clarify by providing a scan of the document and highlight the issue?  I printed it myself but it looks fine to me.  I'm not sure what you are expecting to see.



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