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    Missing method in EMDK for Android ?

    Markus Balschbach



      in EMDK for .Net there was a method Symbol.Barcode.Reader.DisableAll(), we use that to be sure that only those decoders (we enable later in the application) are active we want to use in our application.

      I can't find such method in EMDK for Android, is there a way to do this (without using ProfileManager) ?


      Kind regards


        • Re: Missing method in EMDK for Android ?
          Billie Hecox

          Hello Markus,

               The EMDK for Android Barcode API's do not have that method. The decoderParams also are not in a collection that you would allow you to iterate over each decoder setting the enable field to false.


          It looks as though you will need to set each decoder to false ( shown below ). Might be best to create a method and pass in the config as a parameter.


          ScannerConfig config = scanner.getConfig();


          config.decoderParams.australianPostal.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.aztec.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.canadianPostal.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.chinese2of5.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.codaBar.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.code11.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.code128.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.code39.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.code93.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.compositeAB.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.compositeC.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.d2of5.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.dataMatrix.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.dutchPostal.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.ean13.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.ean8.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.gs1Databar.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.gs1DatabarExp.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.gs1DatabarLim.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.hanXin.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.i2of5.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.japanesePostal.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.korean3of5.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.mailMark.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.matrix2of5.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.maxiCode.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.microPDF.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.microQR.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.msi.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.pdf417.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.qrCode.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.signature.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.tlc39.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.triOptic39.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.ukPostal.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.upca.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.upce0.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.upce1.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.us4State.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.us4StateFics.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.usPlanet.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.usPostNet.enabled = false;

          config.decoderParams.webCode.enabled = false;