MC32N0 Android Keyboard State

With the Windows EMDK you can interrogate the keyboard state and change the state of the keyboard, ie Alpha Mode.


I've looked through the Android Studio and Xamarin EMDK's and cant find a way of doing this. The dispatch key event shows all these keys as the same scancode so I can't keep track of the changes.

I have a program (terninal emulator) where I need to be able to control the hardware keyboard mode or at least be aware of the current state and am struggling to find a way to do this on this device.


I have noticed the profile manager lets you remap keys, so in theory I could remap ORANGE,CTRL,FUNC,SHIFT to other keys so I can catch them and act accordingly but the MX version of my device appears to be too low to support this MX1.1


Has anyone managed to do this?