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    debug in vs2008

    zhou jian

      MC3200 mobile

      i have a app ,copy  to wince 7 system using (Symbol.Barcode2.dll,Symbol.dll ) myBarcode2.Scan(10000);
      it run ok ,

      when i click F5 run debug ,and trigger myBarcode2.Scan(10000);can not return Results.and the app close and vs2008 show "Remote connection to the device has been lost.Please verify the device connection and restart the debugging." !

      use "windows ce remote process viewer" when i debug ScnAPI32.dll in \Windows\local.dll  when copy to system the ScnAPI32.dll in \Windows\toolhelp.dll

         if (TriggerSoftAlways)
                              if (myBarcode2.Config.TriggerMode != TRIGGERMODES.SOFT_ALWAYS)
                                  myBarcode2.Config.TriggerMode = TRIGGERMODES.SOFT_ALWAYS;
                              myBarcode2.Config.TriggerMode = TRIGGERMODES.HARD;
                          // By default, the assemly Symbol.Barcode2 will decode the barcodes whose data length is less than or equal to 55.
                          // The user will have to increase ScanDataSize in order to get any longer lengths decoded.
                          myBarcode2.Config.ScanDataSize = (int)(Symbol.Barcode2.ReaderDataLengths.MaximumLabel);
                          // Submit a scan.
                          Results results = myBarcode.Scan(10000);

      dead lock??? if this process not kill how to deal?