Blocking/disabling Flightmode in System Settings on TC75 via MX/EMDK is not successfull

Our application tries to block ("disable") the Flightmode switch in the standard Android system "Settings" to prevent the user from turning Flightmode on.


The actual call to the MX/EMDK profile manager seems to be executed successfully because afterwards I see "Disabled by MX Admin" below "Flightmode" in the Android system settings.


This is the XML string used in our application:



   "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>"
   +"<characteristic type=\"Profile\">"
   +"<parm name=\"ProfileName\" value=\""+"FlightModeOptionInSystemSettings"+"\"/>"
   +"<parm name=\"TargetSystemVersion\" value=\"4.4\"/>"
   +"<characteristic type=\"SettingsMgr\" version=\"4.3\">"
   +"<parm name=\"AirPlaneMode\" value=\""+((onOff)?(1):(2))+"\"/>"


But ... I can still turn Flightmode on and off in the system settings - without any restriction at all.


Some information about the device I'm testing on:

TC75, non GMS

Android version 4.4.3

Build number 01-23257-K-14-04-00-MV

MX framework 6.0.2

EMDK service


Blocking Flightmode in the Power menu (via "PowerKeyMgr") is working correctly.

Any idea why blocking Flightmode in the system settings does not work as expected?