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    MT-2070 Modify ScanItem code to new defaults

    Avram Grossman

      I'm a novice when it comes to customizing the Zebra MT2070.  Using the "out of the box" Scan Item function,

      we need to first scan the Cradle/Cable Contact Batch Mode, then Enter Batch Mode, for the scanner to work per warehouse.


      I want to modify the C# source code so that on initialize, the code sets these two modes automatically. 


      From what I can surmise the control barcodes found in the MT2070 User Guide these are possibly intrinsic or build-in, and I don't see any reference in the "help" file regarding calling such types of internal functions.


      P.S. I also need to retain the scans after transmitting (batch) and only delete when the user scans a "CLEAR" code or enters an option key.


      Any guidance would be helpful.  Thanks