Looking for a way to have TC70 switch to Wifi when docked in Ethernet cradle and Wired Network connection drops

I have a customer that uses the TC70 in Wifi and in the Ethernet cradle. They use the TC70s in WIfi and after the unit is placed into the cradle, the wifi drops and connection goes to Ethernet (This works correctly). THe issue comes up when the Ethernet connection drops to the cradle ethernet portdue to power hit or whatever, the TC70 still thinks it's connected to Ethernet and Wifi stays off till you remove the TC70 from the cradle. According to engineering this is working as designed and that Android can only support 1 network connection. The TC70 Ethernet cradle has a switch that sits between the slots and the Ethernet port so that if the Ethernet link goes down, the TC70's won't recognize it.


Looking for any options or solutions. I'm assuming something can be done programatically.