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    Android 6 - Disabling Granular Permissions

    Paul Sage

      Hi, on Zebra 6.0.1 > devices is there a way of disabling the granular security permissions that were added in SDK 24?  I.e. you have to specifically ask (via the OS) for the user's permission to do certain things like use the Camera.


      Apologies if this has already been discussed.  I had a search but could only see questions about suppressing the general manifest permissions that are requested during installation and not the newer "dangerous" permissions.  Ideally I need a way of just allowing anything the app wants.  I.e. System Alert window, Camera etc.

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Paul,


          For a quick solution, targeting API level 22 in your application will run on Marshmallow but should not need to separately request permissions from the user.


          Better solutions will come along very soon as MX starts to support Android 6.0



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              Paul Sage

              Thanks Darryn.  Thats actually what I did.  At least I now have the confidence to tell my customers that for now thats just how it is.  I have the same issue with iOS where users will answer No to the permission questions as they don't understand and think its safer to say no.  Unfortunetly it stops the app from working correctly which results in support requests.  So it would be a big plus if on Zebra devices it can be disabled via MX or just switched off.  I'll check EMDK releases for it...