Behavior of scanner after setting decoderParams.i2of5.length

Hi all,


in our applications we need to scan different lengths of I2of5-barcodes.

Today we have three different lengths in 2of5:

  • plombage - length 8 digits
  • parcel - length 24 digits
  • dock receipt - length 26 digits


We also use different lengths of Code128...


In our WindowsMobile-Applications we used the settings for MinimumLength and MaximumLength in DecoderAPI.dpI2OF5 of EMDK for .Net.

Within the EMDK for Android there are settings named length1 and length2; althought we thought this has the same meaning it has not...

Using Length1 and Length2 in EMDK for Android (V5.0) the scanner only reads barcodes with that specific lengths, we can't define a length-range any more.


Is this a bug or a feature ?

What do we need to do to tell the scanner to scan all barcodes in range 8 to 26 digits ?


Kind regards