Where to start! Zebra MC2180 Development

Hi everyone.


We've just purchased some Zebra MC2180 devices and intend to write a simple app for various stock control functions that we require.  I am no guru, but have written a few C# .net utilities before, and have a strong background in web development technology.... I've spent the last 2 days pulling my hair out, trying to just get a simple 'hello world' app started for our MC2180 devices...


The Zebra literature sings the praises of the RhoMobile software, but so far, we're unable to compile anything.


I have followed the instructions as best I can from rhodes/WM_CE_Installation_And_Build_Guidelines.md at master · rhomobile/rhodes · GitHub (and wow, aren't there a lot of them!) however I stumble at "Download and install MC3000c50b PSDK" - this file isn't freely available from Zebra, and despite filling in the request form, nobody at Zebra has got back to me.


So my questions are....


1) Is it true that we have to use Visual Studio 2008 for windows CE 6.0 development? That's almost 10 years old....


2) Is there no "simple" way to get up and running with a simple hello world App on CE6.0 on the MC2180, or is it a case of following as best we can all of those instructions and hoping that something compiles at the end of it? 


3) Do we need to use RhoStudio? Is it better/easier than Visual Studio? Do we lose the ability to use the Zebra API's for scanning for example if we don't use RhoMobile?


4) The docs for all of this seem very scattered.  Are we chasing old outdated hardware here (despite buying these scanners brand new this week!), would we be better using something that's easier to develop for? Android perhaps? We don't need anything more than basic scanning ability and interfacing with a PHP web backend via XML / JSON.



Thank you in advance team!