RS6000 bluetooth connection not detected by Xamarin EMDK 2.1 or 2.2

Hi guys


I am having some trouble getting the RS6000 connection detected by the Xamarin EMDK.


It worked fine yesterday with a TC8000, however, as the EMDK documentation states it is recommended to have the latest image installed on the devices. So i went from a version 4.4.3 to 5.1 on a TC8000. Now, when I start my application, it goes directly to the Bluetooth Pairing Utility which displays the pairing barcode. I can scan the barcode and the RS6000 seems to be paired, however, when I enter my application again, it returns to the Bluetooth Pairing Utility. And so it continues.


As the hands-free set is sold as the RS6000 and the WT6000, I tried to run the application from the WT6000 as well. Unfortunately with the same behavior.

The WT6000 does write that it is connected to the scanner, and the input is registered in the DWDemo.


This is the call which makes the Bluetooth Pairing Utility to appear.

_scanner = _barcodeManager.GetDevice(BarcodeManager.DeviceIdentifier.BluetoothImager1);

Note: Using the BarcodeManager.DeviceIdentifier.BluetoothImagerRs6000 makes the GetDevice return null.


So in short. The RS6000 worked with the TC8000 with Android 4.4.3, and not with TC8000 and WT6000 with Android 5.1.


Does anyone have the RS6000 running with a device with 5.1 using EMDK 2.2?



Best regards

Morten Attermann Holst