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    GPS and WWAN settings locked for user

    Marcin Kalisiak

      Our local ISV partner which is FAMOC EMM vendor has a task to lock TC55 settings to prevent user to switch of GPS or WWAN. I was looking for any MX setting that could allow that (From EMM system they can deploy xml file to the MX on device) but I could not find the proper one. There is some allowing to lock WLAN switch on/off but nothing about GPS and WWAN. There is WirelessMgr setting in MX which allows to set GPS and WWAN on/off or do not change, but I guess that do not change does not mean lock for user not to allow to change. The other idea could be to deploy Enterprise Home Screen from MDM not displaying those setting to user, but it is not the most elegant idea I think. Has anybody experience with any code/mechanism allowing to lock GPS and WWAN setting for user? Maybe there is some general Android mechanism that does not require the app to be signed on our devices that can do that?