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    Using ET50 barcode scanner within Rhomobile

    Andreas Marchart



      I implemented an inventory application with RhoMobile 4.1 where I'm using the Barcode API. The app is used on a Zebra ET-1 tablet with android and it is working fine there.

      I used the "Rho.Barcode.enable" function and in the callback I processed the received data.


      Now I tried to run the application on a Zebra ET50 tablet with android and noticed, that the barcode functionality is not working any more on this device. I tried to run the original version with RhoMobile 4.1 and I also tried to migrate the app to RhoMobile 5.4. The only way to get it working is to configure DataWedge in that way, that the scanned barcode is written in a focused input field, like it was typed by keyboard. But then my self implemented scan+count functionality is not working.

      If I configure DataWedge in the same way as on the ET-1, I can scan the barcode, but nothing happens in my application.

      I tried to enumerate the existing scanners, but there I get only an empty list, so no scanner was found. If I call Rho.Barcode.take, then the camera functionality gets started, but it is not possible to use the integrated barcode scanner.


      In the list of supported devices, I found no entry for the ET50. Is the barcode functionality only working for some specific supported devices, like the zebra ET-1 and TC55, or should it work on all zebra devices with integrated barcode scanners?

      If the ET50 is actually not supported, is there any plan to support this device in future?


      Thanks in advance.


      Best Regards,

      Andreas Marchart