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    DataWedge - How to differentiate GS1-DataMatrix from DataMatrix?

    Jan Maly



      we are working on Xamarin application for TC8000. We use DataWedge with intents for scanning in our Xamarin apps and now we need to differentiate GS1 DataMatrix from ordinal DataMatrix 2d code for further processing. With 1d codes it's working fine, label type is EAN128 or CODE128 based on scanned label. With 2d DataMatrix codes label type is always DATAMATRIX, even when we scan GS1 DataMatrix, so it seems it cannot recognize GS1 DataMatrix symbology at all and falls back to DataMatrix. We double check all scanned codes with simple free application on smartphone and this application can differentiate GS1 DataMatrix from ordinal DataMatrix just fine. What can we do to get TC8000 to recognize GS1 DataMatrix codes?