Printing images through Intranet (C#) to Zebra printer


I have read tons of discussion threads but could not find a way to print graphics on our Zebra Printer.

I am coding in C# and trying to print label with dynamic graphics (i.e. each product as their own SVG image (drawing) that needs to be printed on a label).


Our first attemps focussed on converting the SVG on our server side to a ZPL formatted representation and then print the whole ZPL command, along with the converted SVG picture. All my efforts remained unsuccesful. After reading many posts, I then assumed that downloading the graphic to the printer first and then recall it would be a better way to print our labels. The label prints but no image is visible. In addition, if I print Graphic content on the printer, I do not believe that graphic has been downloaded at all. Here is the C# code:


string zplImageData = string.Empty;

byte[] binaryData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(@Server.MapPath("Temp/abcd.png"));


foreach (Byte b in binaryData)


            string hexRep = String.Format("{0:X}", b);

            if (hexRep.Length == 1)

                hexRep = "0" + hexRep;

            zplImageData += hexRep;



string s = @"^XA^MNY~DYE:COMPOUND.PNG,P,P," + binaryData.Length + ",," + zplImageData + @"^XZ^FO28,260^IME:COMPOUND.PNG^FS^XZ";

RawPrinterHelper.SendStringToPrinter(@"\\info-0004\ZDesigner 105SL 203DPI Zebra", s);


I am stuck at this point and really need to find a solution. I need your help !


In addition, I will end up needing to insert to different graphics on the label.


Thanks in advance



David Gauthier
I forgot to mention: I am

I forgot to mention: I am printing on a 105SL printer


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