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    WT6000 - ADB Screenrecord

    Nathan Ver Beek

      Hello all,


      We are using a WT6000 and have a mature Android application we run on the it and many other devices.  Recently we added the WT6000 to our suite of devices that run our Android automated tests.  As a part of the whole process, the test suite uses a number of ADB commands, one of which records the screen of the device to help diagnose failures after test runs.  On all our other devices, this works just fine.  However on the WT6000, half the screen is missing in the video.  Its as if the device is reporting the wrong orientation.  The command used to record the screen is this:


      adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/test.mp4


      I've attached a screenshot showing what the video looks like.  A few details:


      • We are connecting the device to the test PC using the standard dock
      • I've tried running the command on different computers, including Mac and PC
      • I tried numerous options on the ADB command including setting the resolution, etc
      • I also tried recording while the screen was in landscape, I got the same result but flipped

      Does anyone have some insight here? I've attached a screenshot of what the video looks like. Thanks!