Control pager motor via SDK



we are developing software for prefab houses production business and currently I am using a DS3678 with USB docking station STB3678 to add scanner support to our software.
The worker in the production plant should use the scanner to select elements (i.e. walls) and we show him the necessary informations for this element. But he only can scan elements which are available at his working place.
After scanning a barcode, the software have to check if this barcode was valid on his working place and sends a response, for example:

a) let LEDflash green and beep if the element is valid

b) let LED flash red 3x and beep with another beep sequence if the element is invalid

other responses are possible for different situations.

Because the answer of the system take some time (i.e. up to 2 or 3 seconds), i would like to deactiveate all signs of good barcode decoding (beep, flash green and vibrate) and send the answer later, when I know if the barcode was for a valid element or not.

To attract the workers attention, I want to activate the pager motor (vibration like a good scan).

Is this possible?
My software can already activate the LED in different colors and activate a beep sequence.

The tool 123Scan allows to deactivate the pager motor at good scan, so I think it should be possible to control it. But I have neither found anything in the documentation of the SDK nor in the sample applications about activating the pager motor.



Hubert Hopf