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    CS4070 Scan Android SDK

    cornelia GUTU



      I have a issue with the libraries published here :Scanner SDK for Android Support & Downloads | Zebra

      I'm tried to use the project barcode_scanner_library_v2.0.3.0.aar with my app to connect a CS4070 scanner and scan EAN 13 barcodes.

      But I have some problems :

      - barcode event send only 10 digits

      - I have to wait few time between two scans

      Into my app I did all initialization and configuration of scanner : dcssdkGetPairingBarcode(DCSSDKDefs.DCSSDK_BT_PROTOCOL.LEGACY_B, DCSSDKDefs.DCSSDK_BT_SCANNER_CONFIG.KEEP_CURRENT);


      The scanner works fine with the scanner_control_app_v2.0.3.0.apk.


      It seems that the scanner_control_app...apk not use the same .aar library. This library was not uploaded on the last software SDK for Android.


      Does anybody knows where I can find it please ? I really need it. I have a project where I need to integrate this scan only to scan EAN 13 barcodes and I cannot did it with the actual library.


      Thank you a lot.